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Spotlight on Bok Choy

One leafy green we are having fun growing and eating is baby Bok Choy.  It is a delicious, crisp, nutritious alternative to cabbage, and is perfect for these long winter months.  It is super easy to cook, and can be a real crowd pleaser.  Apparently the New York Times agrees as they recently printed a great recipe for Sauteed Baby Bok Choy.  Check out ours, grown right in Orange, NJ, below.


Winter Harvest

Even right after the blizzard of 2010 (or snowpacolypse or whatever it is you prefer), the greens needed tending and harvesting. The Swiss Chard, Bok Choy, Lettuce and more all look beautiful, but more importantly, taste great.


The snow is no match for Walter and Lindsay.

In The Snow