Tomatoes in Jersey City

Over the last week we have been hard at work with the Friends of Lifers to get the newest lot ready for planting. We finally were able to transplant the first vegetables of the season here in Jersey City, a row of mixed tomato plants. This vibrant corner is on it’s way to becoming a green oasis in the city.


2 responses to “Tomatoes in Jersey City

  1. Emanuel Figueroa

    I find this very interesting and moving, I am a fan on gardening and would like to take part in this urban gardening. Please let me know if we will be able to transform that lot into a garden and what are the dates for our planting. I also have gardening tools that may be helpful with planting them directly into the ground or creating raised beds.

  2. Courtney Pezez

    Gardening is an endless job, with many pitfalls. It doesn’t take much to completely ruin a beautiful garden by planting the wrong plants, or not planting them correctly. We have plenty of articles to make sure that everything goes as planned. From planting to weeding and poisons to plant food. Never worry that you will get it wrong when you have a resource like directweb helping you..’

    Catch ya later

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